The Lifetime Mortgage Experts Top 10 Uses For Lifetime Equity Release ….

Here’s the Lifetime Mortgage Experts Top 10 Uses For Lifetime Equity Release …

Whether you are 55 or 75 there are many different reasons that people take out a Lifetime Mortgage

  1. Repay Existing Mortgage or Personal Debts
  2. Fund Holidays or Vacations
  3. Home Improvements or Alterations
  4. Landscape Gardening or Conservatory
  5. Replace Car or Buy Second Car
  6. Buy Caravan or Motorhome
  7. Move Home or Buy a Bungalow
  8. Help a Family Member Buy Property
  9. Supplement Pension Income
  10. Private Healthcare or Medical Bills

You can visit Chris Morgan’s Adviser Career Biography here …

Free Quick Guide Brochure

Lifetime Mortgage Expert offer a “Quick Guide To Lifetime Mortgages”, that provides all the relevant information you need free in a convenient PDF download. This document is not thirty pages of hard sell, it’s three pages of directly relevant information, containing all the essential things you need to know about Lifetime Mortgages.

Most importantly we make this download available to you, without you needing to give us any personal details up front, including your property value, address, phone number and email. There are many places you can try and get a free guide to Lifetime Mortgages, but most will want your personal details, so they can then keep phoning you and trying to sell their services and products to you.

Our policy is very different, we make our “Quick Guide” available free of charge, without collecting your personal data. When you are ready to proceed, we then ask you to call us to talk about your requirements. We will even make time to speak with you for around 15 minutes free of charge without any further commitment at that stage.

When we say our Quick Guide to Lifetime Mortgages is Free, we actually do mean FREE! See our other real life examples further down in this blog to read more about the types of Lifetime Mortgages available and the scenarios they can be used.

If you would like to download our Free Quick Guide To Lifetime Mortgages then visit The Lifetime Mortgage Expert, Chris Morgan can also be reached by email at

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  • Lifetime Mortgages

    “Qualified Advice, Zero Broker Fee”

    Unusual Mortgages are Independent Mortgage Advisers who specialise in Lifetime Mortgages, Retirement Mortgages and Regulated Equity Release for over 55’s. Our resident “Lifetime Mortgage Expert” is Chris Morgan who has 30 years experience in Banking, Finance and Mortgage Advice. You can read his career biography at the link below this column. We have agencies with all the major lifetime mortgage providers and are able to provide Independent advice from the Whole of the market.

    Products …

    The concept of Lifetime Mortgages, Retirement Mortgages and Regulated Equity Release for over 55’s has grown massively over the last 20 years. It is very true that the initial products that were released into the market received poor press and were not popular. However, in more recent times these products have become highly regulated, with product providers having to meet industry standards and provide certain assurances and guarantees over negative equity – we think this is a very good thing.

    Qualications …

    Financial Advisers also have to pass a higher level qualification to be able to arrange Lifetime Mortgages, Retirement Mortgages and Regulated Equity Release. However, we have noticed that consumers have been left with a difficult choice between “chicken farm” financial advice by companies offering these products in huge volume, or local financial advisers who rarely are asked for advice in this area. Your alternative is to approach Chris Morgan, the UK’s leading Lifetime Mortgage Expert, who specialises in mortgage products for people over 55 without charging a broker fee*.

    Fees …

    He offers highly experienced “Qualified Advice, Zero Broker Fee”, which means those drawing £100,000 or more are likely to save themselves an average of £1210* in brokers fees. Instead of offering you a free pen, calculator or shopping vouchers with your quotation, we offer you enough of a saving on your advice fees advice fees equivalent to a weekend break away? Chris is always interested to hear which destination you would choose with the money you will save?

    *Please Note: 

    Lifetime Mortgage Expert is a Trading Style of Unusual Mortgages who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registration number 497173. We do not charge a broker fee for Lifetime Mortgages (without ongoing monthly payments) where the initial lump sum withdrawal is £100,000 or more (this is not including cash reserve) instead we receive a commission from the mortgage lender.

    If you wish to draw less than £100,000 we may charge a small fee to ensure a minimum total earning of £1995. Please contact us for a specific quotation. In the Lifetime Mortgage Survey 2019, the average broker fee being charged by a financial adviser for arranging a lifetime mortgage was £1210 and the largest fee charged was £2395

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